Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Sandfire is committed to playing a role in the sustainable development of areas in which we operate. Our policies outline our commitment to conducting our business responsibly, from exploration through to mine closure, so that our people are safe and well supported, local communities’ benefit from our presence, and we demonstrate strong environmental stewardship.

Sandfire will endeavour to achieve sustainable outcomes by mitigating our impacts on biodiversity, working with communities to create development projects, and collaborating with local partners to manage natural resources.

For information on our guiding principles and management approaches see Sandfire Resources’ Annual and Sustainability Reports.


Sandfire’s sustainability strategy supports the Company’s purpose of ‘Creating Opportunity’ and helps to facilitate the achievement of its strategic growth plan.

We believe that non-financial performance is connected to long term value creation and that this is best effected when sustainability is embedded throughout our business.

We have articulated six strategic priorities in how we operate. These ensure that we are well placed to continue to build strong, lasting relationships with stakeholders, deliver on our commitments, develop resources responsibly, and drive innovation in our people and industry — all key for creating long-term growth and value.